Baptism is the initiation rite of the Christian faith. It is a way (or means) of receiving the gift (grace) from the Lord of inclusion in the family of God. Baptism does not save, it reflects what has already been done in the heart. Baptism isn’t the answer–genuine repentance is. God offers the gift; we must still receive it through trust and faith. In most Christian traditions, Baptism signifies the beginning of the faith journey, not its conclusion. Therefore, most churches baptize children. If you—or your children—have not been baptized (had water placed on you in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) contact the pastor.  




In our tradition, weddings are acts of worship: first, in gratitude for God creating love and bringing you two together, and second, to pledge faithfulness to each other.   We have a booklet to help answer questions concerning the arrangements and plans for weddings here.  For your further help, a coordinator will meet with you to answer questions and go over any policies pertaining to decorations, etc.


We offer you a set of guidelines regarding the use of the sanctuary in a way that is respectful of the spirit, dignity and reverence of this moment.


Wedding Reservation Form Download       Wedding Booklet Download 


For a copy of our wedding booklet, download from above or contact our Office Manager

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