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Miriam Smith
Alicia Mullican
Children's Director
David & Rosie Kross
Youth Directors
Susan Thompson
Worship Director
Virginia Paul
Lori Reed
Office Manager
Bill Stone
Maintenance Supervisor
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Central's Leaders

2022 leadership

Each year it is the job of the Nominations/Lay Leadership Committee to select a group of folks to fill the various offices of the church. Some of these are yearly elections (Council Chairperson for example) while others of them are to be part of a three-year class (Trustees or SPRC for example). Most UMC churches nominate church officers in September and October. They then elect those officers as part of the annual Charge Conference that our District Superintendent calls sometime in November. The officers then serve for the calendar year (Jan.1 through Dec. 31).


For the past several years CUMC has followed the Annual Conference calendar (June 1 through May 31) for our officers. But after discussions between the outgoing pastors, our lay leader and the incoming pastor; and with the approval of the Nominations Committee it was decided that CUMC is going to delay the nominations until the fall of 2020 and elect the officers at the regular Charge Conference. This was decided because CUMC is going through so many changes and transitions now, that will continue in the weeks ahead. This added time will allow the new pastor, the Reverend Miriam Smith, to get settled in and get a feel for Central.


What that means is that the current elected leaders are being asked to agree to remain at their post through the end of the year. That will allow the Nominations Committee to go through the nomination and election process in the fall.  If one of our current leaders cannot continue through December, the Nominations Committee will nominate someone to complete their term.  Those new officers can be elected by the Church Council this summer.


Phone:  (256) 353-6941

Main email: Lori Reed







Heather Bouchillon             


Shepherding Team

Candi Ivy      



Carolyn Dobson     





Ginny Pylant                                       



Older Adults   

Tina Wofford               



Tara Stone                   

Patti Stutts                   



Melissa Penley       



Mary McRee        



Jennie-Marie McMasters  



Patricia & Kyle Pike    



Katherine Hollingsworth      



Beth Adams        


Stephen Min. 

Lynn Thrasher            



Kathy Littrell                                                      



Katherine Hollingsworth            



Wim Marchant       


Men’s Ministry

Brian Bouchillon      


Youth Rep.   

Vivian Blakely    




Lay Leader      

Allen Self    



Jamie Hicks  


 2022                                             2023                                                     2024
Jamie Hicks                       Johnny Woller                                  Lise Greene
                   Brad Jackson                     Jerry Thrasher                                   Bill Sickles                
              Zac Howell                          Quay Lively                                      Richard Bedsole


+ Lay Leader and Conference Lay Member





Suzanne Woller                 

  2022                                              2023                                                   2024

Jennifer Self                                  Mary McRee                                        David Lively
Suzanne Woller                                   Chris Pettey                                           John Pylant
  Danny Beggs                                   Alicia Nails                                       Dale Howard

+ Lay Leader, Council, Trustees, SPR, Conference Member, Stewardship, Treasurer




                      Kirk Sanders                     





Joe Botto          


2022                                                   2023                                              2024

                                       Charlotte Gregory                                Haynes Smith                                  Jerri Ellis
                                        Joe Botto                                                Brent Collins                                    Melinda Woller

                                                                         Allen McRee                                     John Collins


+Lay Leader, Pastor  





                      John Adams                        


A-Large Members:

John Adams        

Allen Self      Hoyt Condra 


+ Pastor, Council Chair, Trustees Rep, Finance Rep, Stewardship, Treasurer  








2022                                              2023                                                  2024

                                   Linda Boyd                                 Margaret Wenzler                                  Candi Ivy

                                   Glee Sides                                                 + Trustee and SPRC representatives

Annual Conference Members — 

Lindy Smith                     



Alternates   John Ivy


Council Chair   John Adams               
Secretary     Kayla Busick


At-Large Council Members


2022                                          2023                                                    2024
  Mary Beth McCollum                     Jo Hall                                              Randy Sturm
        John McCord                               Katherine Hollingsworth                         Vivian Pylant

         Jennifer Self                                  Lise Greene                                              Julie Johnson

                                                                                          Elizabeth English                                         Brent Burney

Nominations/Lay Leadership       Pastor + Lay Leader

2022                                         2023                                                       2024
      Lee Nabors                     Carol Ozier *                                              Pat Smithson

                                           Bill Simms                         John Ivy                                                     Battle Hamilton

                                           Bill Whitley                        Haley Kuhlman                                          


Church Council members are in bold

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