United Methodist Disaster Warehouse

UMC Warehouse Website

Contact: Call the Warehouse at 256-341-9961 for details and to volunteer.  


Anyone age 10 to 99 can serve at the United Methodist Disaster Warehouse.  You can work any day Monday-Friday.  There are sit down jobs, etc. You are needed!  Please No flip flops or open toed shoes worn in the warehouse.


Ways you can help:
  1. Pass this along to someone else and encourage them to sign-up for Conference updates.
  2. The Decatur Disaster Response Warehouse needs volunteer drivers with trucks and trailers to deliver requested supplies. Contact the Warehouse to Volunteer.
  3. Volunteer at the Disaster Response Warehouse and Mission Center to prepare shipments and receive donations.
  4. Pray. Form prayer circles at work, with you neighbors, family or at your church.
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