Lots of fun at Wednesday Nite Cafe

Lise Greene and David Bentley fill their salad bowls.

Jeff Brown working the Hobart machine.


George and Sara Alice Godwin, Lynn and Jerry Thrasher. Dale Howard (with his back to the camera)

Photos courtesy of Doug Shoemaker

Backpack Ministry

-Melissa Penley

A huge thank you to Ginny Pylant and Apryl Botto and their volunteers for another successful year of CUMC Backpacks Ministry for needy children to have food to eat on the weekends during the school year. They shopped, packed, and delivered weekly, and I am so thankful for them. Our church supports 82 children from a total of 3 schools, and this ministry would not be possible without regular donations from our church family. Please contact Melissa Penley, Ginny Pylant, or Apryl Botto if you are interested in helping with the Backpacks Ministry for the next school year. Our church has supported this ministry for 12 years, and the students of Decatur City Schools thank you!




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