Ministry Fair Coming to Central!

-Ashley Sickles

     The Fair is coming to Central and it’s here for one day only, August 14th! The Fellowship Hall will be full during the Sunday school hour and after church service, with representatives from every ministry available at Central. If you’ve been curious about what some of the ministries do and are involved in, come find your answers. We will have breakfast, fellowship, and a little competition! The ministry leaders have been asked to have fun with the theme, Ministry “FAIR”, as in county fair, state fair, country fair…and decorate their

tables accordingly. The only rule is they can’t spend more than $20, and there will be a prize for the best table!

     This event is an opportunity for members to find out what is going on at Central and how to get involved. From studies to attend, events coming up, needs of ministries, we’ll have it all. Most importantly, we hope to encourage and help our members grow spiritually by finding a place to serve. We all have gifts, please trust me when I say it’s such a blessing when you use them. If someone gifted you a brand new car, would you let it sit and rust in the driveway, or would you jump behind the wheel and go places with it? God wants us to get behind the wheel, and use it!

     Joan Addison, Carlyn Wyers, and myself are excited to bring this to you. We hope the ministry leaders are having fun planning their tables. Come give them an audience for their creative master pieces and while you’re there, encourage them, tell them thank you and job well do

ne! None of them ask to be praised, but it’s always nice to feel appreciated by those you serve.

Back to School Bash!!

Something for everyone, dinner then children on the inflatables and waters slides, while the adults enjoy music inside from the Southern Cross Quartet. Wednesday, August 17th, 5-7.


-Mary Jo Landreth

Good morning from the Lunch Bunch. We have been an active exercise group now since right after Easter and I’m not sure if it is Hazetta and her smile, Pat’s luscious healthy lunch, Tina‘s great dessert or  “Food for Thought” by Mary Jo. All I can tell you is that it has been a great pleasure to share Wednesday morning from 11:00 to 12:30 with some of the “neatest” people I have been blessed to know. We must be doing something right because they keep coming back and bringing friends with them; even Bill Brazelton, Stan Fields, Andrew Foxx, Tom Wright, and Hoyt Condra show up every week. I have heard that Bill tells Sylvia “hurry up Sylvia, we don’t want to be late for exercise with the Lunch Bunch“. Now what better advertising could we get. We try to start promptly at 11:00 but “stragglers” are always welcome. Pat, Tina and Wim have lunch ready for us by 11:45 and it’s not only healthy but tastes really good. You know the old saying about what good cooks church ladies are – I think they used ours as prime examples. It has been said “it isn’t a case of what you know but who you know” and the author, Max Lucado has a good reputation with our HPIC (HEAD PERSON IN CHARGE). This month Mary Jo is reading a 12-15 minute chapter from Lucado’s book “Cast of Characters”Common People In The Hands Of An Uncommon God, to serve as food for thought for our devotional. We currently have a “faithful following” of 15 to 22 “young’uns” each week but there is always room for anyone with interest or curiosity who would like to check us out; you will always be welcome. There is no cost to exercise but we ask $3 for lunch to help take care of cost. As my mom would say we will just add another lettuce leaf to the salad and make room at the table.






Wednesday Nite Cafe

-Wim Marchant

Thank you to all who helped clean the kitchen on July 30th. If you have left casserole dishes or platters after the potluck dinners; we discovered many in the cleanup and they are on the stainless steel table next to the mixer.

  Don’t forget Wednesday Nite suppers start back on August 17th with the Back to School Bash.




French Fries

Baked Beans













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