Grief Recovery Meeting


A Grief Recovery Group, led by Stephen Minister Carol Ozier, will begin in mid June. If you are interest, please attend the organizational meeting on Wed, May 18, at 5:30 in the library.


Easter People Sermon Series


May 1-“Conversion”, Acts 9:1-6

May 8- “Peter & Tabitha”, Acts 9:36-43

May 15- “Peter & Cornelius”, Acts 11:1-18

May 22- “Paul & Lydia”, Acts 16:9-15

May 29- “Theophilus”, Acts 1:1-11



There has been a wonderful turnout for the Lunch Bunch on Wednesdays at 11:00 in the fellowship hall. Join in for exercise, “food for thought”, and a lunch. There will be a small expense of $3.00 to help with the lunch costs. 




Special Need

Kids enter the foster care system for various reasons and are at a much higher risk for pregnancy, drug abuse, dropping out of school, problems with the legal system and many other negative outcomes.

  For the past 3 years I have worked with a young lady who has been in foster care for 4 years. She was placed in foster care due to physical abuse. At this point she has not experienced any of the negative outcomes I mentioned above. She is a good kid! She is now 17 and plans to be dual enrolled at Calhoun when she enters her senior year in the fall of 2022. She is working at McDonalds 10-15 hours each week. As you can imagine transportation is an issue for her. For her to work, go to high school, and go to Calhoun, she needs a car.

  If you have or know of anyone who might be interested in donating a car or if you would be interested in donating funds toward the purchase of a car, please contact me. I will be happy to answer any questions.

  I ask that you please give this prayerful consideration.

Carolyn Dobson





Wednesday Nite Cafe

Wednesday Nite Cafe will resume in the fall.










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