Our giving makes a difference

As Gomer Pyle would say in our “Mayberry” study, “Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!”  Thank you to everyone who has continued to show their love for God through their faithful giving. Giving in March was spectacular! It was the best month we have had all year! Giving in April lagged a bit behind our budget. So far, giving in May is running just under what we had hoped. While we don’t want to be “downers,” we DO want to be totally transparent with you! All of this is to say that Central NEEDS YOU to continue your giving. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE every time you give to God and the work of the Kingdom through CUMC.


Because our leadership was concerned about the finances, it was agreed that we would apply for a Paycheck Protection Program loan/grant from the government. We did not apply in the first round, trying to give those who were really hurting a first shot at the money. However, as concerns rose, we did apply during the second round, and received the amount we could document as normally spent on salaries and related expenses for two months (the parameters of the program). This money can only be spent on salaries, benefits, taxes and utilities. Any money that is not spent on those items will have to be returned. It is hoped that this money will give us a little “leeway” to help us through this “lean” time. 


At the same time, we have incurred some expenses we were not counting on, as we continue ministry in new ways, and as we prepare the building for re-launching. Please know your giving makes a difference. Through faithful giving, we show our love for God, we show our love for each other by providing for ministry to God’s people, and we are equipped to serve the world in Christ’s name. Thank you! for all you do to carry out the mission of CUMC!


Why Give Online

Giving online is convenient. You don’t have to worry about writing your contribution checks during the service, you can instead enjoy your worship experience knowing that you have already given your contributions. Also, if you are not able to attend worship services, you are able to have the benefit of giving online.



We understand that security is very important to you, so be assured that your personal information is managed in a secure environment. All debit card data is transferred through a secure connection with PayPal and is not stored on our servers.


How to Give Online

To start giving online, simply fill out the form below and follow the instructions. You will receive a receipt once payment has gone through successfully.



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