“Easter People”

-Pastor Miriam Smith

This past Sunday we sang the hymn that goes, “Easter people raise your voices…” a great way to begin worship the Sunday after Easter. But what does it mean for us to be called an Easter people?

  For one thing, like Christmas, Easter is a season in the church year, not just a Sunday.  But more importantly, Easter is the defining moment in Jesus’ life when he demonstrates that death has no power over him. For us to be Easter people, we are challenged to live like Easter really matters in our daily lives. Not just that one Sunday every year!

  To be people whose individual lives and communal life are shaped by the good news of Easter calls for us to let the life of Jesus guide our steps. We are to love God and our neighbors as ourselves because we know that God’s promises are good and that he does love us more than we can fully know. Because of the good news of Easter.

  This season we are going to spend time with early witnesses to the power of Jesus in the Bible. Then we will spend time looking at how their stories can inspire us today. In this day and age is it easy to become discouraged by the state of the world. It is no more difficult than turning on the news or reading articles on the internet. And yet, as Easter people, we are invited into the reality that “every day to us is Easter”—that is to say, every day contains the joy and celebration of Easter because every day Christ is alive and God is at work in the world. How can we show those around us the good news of Easter? Loving God, letting God’s love for us be at work in our hearts, and using our lives to reflect and share that love with everyone we encounter is a fine way to begin. Easter people of Central, it’s time to celebrate! This season, let’s declare that He is risen with all that we say and all that we do!





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