Central Cares

-Pastor Dorothy Ann Webster


  My, how radically our lives have changed in just a few weeks’ time! Accordingly, we have changed many of the ways we “do church.”  However, we have not quit “being the church”!


  Many thanks to our Virus Response Team, who meet weekly by conference call to assess the situation and plan for ministry. That team, assisted by several others, are attempting to contact every member of the congregation to “check in.” If you have not received a call, it may be that we have missed you, or that our contact information is out of date. If you have not received a contact by phone, by a card in the mail, or by social media from a church leader, please call the church office (256-353-6941) or one of the pastors (256-656-6071/256-429-8005). YOU MATTER to CUMC! We want you to know that. If you have any needs during this time, our HUGS team, our Response Team and our staff stand ready to help.  Please let us know!


  YOU can help, too, by checking on church friends, neighbors and family members. These unusual times offer unique opportunities to love others through caring contacts. Often, a call from a friendly voice is all we need to brighten our day.

We love others by sacrificing our in-person meetings for the immediate future. It is hard, but if it saves a life, it will all be worth it! Join our CUMC family in worship via Facebook each Sunday at 10:30. Lessons for adults and children are also on the church FB page. To access, go to Facebook.com, then search: “Central United Methodist Church Decatur.” Don’t have access to Facebook? The service is posted to our website (centralunitedmethodist.com) on Tuesdays.  Several classes and groups are meeting via Zoom. Call your class/group leaders to find out how you can participate online or by phone.


  We love God by continuing our faithful giving. Please see the related article about ways to give to the church. We love God by using our “extra time” to study and pray.


  Through our backpack, missions and lunch bag teams we are serving the world, providing assistance and food to those in need. 


  Together, we are living out our church mission to Love God, Love Others, and Serve the World, as we show that Central Cares!


  As always, it is a privilege to serve as one of your pastors.


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