What’s a Calling For?

-Pastor Miriam Smith

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Holy Spirit lately. The Spirit has been at work at Central long before I arrived (and before most of us were born), but recently I’ve had occasion to reflect on how I’ve seen the Spirit in the past year.
The Holy Spirit is what binds us together as a church community when we might not otherwise have things in common. The Holy Spirit reminds us that the thing that makes us one with each other is not our uniformity but God’s love for us and our response to God’s love in our lives. That response is how we live together and work together and serve God together.
Of course this all sounds great, but in reality it can be hard to see the Spirit at work if we aren’t expecting to see God in our daily lives. So I want to share some Spirit sightings I’ve had recently, and would love to hear from you as well.
Despite the limitations of the pandemic, Central has not stopped being the church. The Spirit has been alive and at work in our midst. Adaptations to our major programs and projects were made where possible to allow the work of the church to continue. Hungry folks in our community have been fed by volunteers with Food for the Soul. Many groups who care for the least of these in our community have been supported by the ongoing missions projects and by 2020’s adapted Marketplace. So many of you showed up for one another in the ups and downs of daily life, delivering bread and flowers to those who were not able to get out and about. Countless phone calls have been made to check in on those you “haven’t seen in a while” and cards have been sent out to those going through hard times by individuals and our HUGS group. Kids and youth were able to find ways to continue learning and growing in their faith. Adults of all ages found ways to connect online or in person in new places to continue to watch over one another in love for the past year. The building has been cleaned out, and dozens of volunteers have stepped forward to get us back into the building together as safely as possible.
So many of you have remarked to me that “it feels good to be here” on Sunday mornings. I wholeheartedly agree! That’s the Spirit in our midst, drawing us together and into communion with God. It is a blessing to me to be your pastor and I am so excited to see what the Holy Spirit has in store for us in the months ahead here at Central.


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