Gail Hurst, a member of Central, founded this ministry in 1996.  The principal purpose of HUGS is to fill the needs of members who are not being cared for by a Sunday School class or United Methodist Women.  


HUGS reaches in

-Pastor Miriam Smith


For the past weeks, a new project for HUGS has taken off! In the gospel of John, Peter is asked three times by Jesus, “do you love me?” The first two times, he uses the term agape, a Greek word describing the general love we have for God. The third time he asks, Jesus inserts the word phileo. This is the Greek word to describe a brotherly love. This type of love is for those for which we have warm fondness or affection and relationships, like with our family members. Each time Jesus asked about the love Peter had for him, he command Peter to feed his sheep. Just as Peter was challenged, we, too, are invited to share phileo love to members of our church family.


Back in July, as part of the response to the pandemic, HUGS began organizing CUMC members to reach out to each other with phone calls, offers for help, and ways to connect even when we aren’t meeting in person. We see this as an opportunity for members of our congregation to form intergenerational relationships in which both parties can glean so much.


Will you commit to connecting with one or two members of our congregation at least three times a month or more if you are able? The connections you make can take place in many forms. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Check to see if any groceries are needed.
  • Offer to run errands.
  • Make cards or pictures and drop them off at the doorsteps.
  • Make signs and arrange a drive-by using cars or bikes to provide a cheery surprise.
  • Record your children singing and send it through email.
  • Schedule Zoom meetings to play Bingo. If they don’t know how to participate, call and walk them through the steps.
  • Create sidewalk or driveway chalk messages or drawings.
  • Make phone calls.
  • Send Amazon, Shipt, or Instacart gift cards.
  • Write notes. 

If you would like to know how you can be a part of this project, please contact Beth Adams, or Pastor Miriam.


HUGS has volunteers who will help with assorted needs:

  • helps with household repairs for those who do not have other resources
  • provides the funeral meal if a member of the church dies and does not belong to a small group or Sunday school
  • takes communion to shut-ins and send get well and sympathy cards
  • finds someone to transport a member to a doctor’s appointment
  • (during the school year) provides take-out meals from the Wednesday church dinners with help from Loaves and Fishes and (in the summer), provide meals each Wednesday night to our shut-ins.
  • assembles “care packages” including water, snacks, and activity books for members and their family in the hospital
  • delivers the “care packages” twice a week
  • assembles emergency lunches that are given to people who drop by our church in need of food
  • contacts those members who have missed church three consecutive Sundays to check on them and see if they are in need of help or prayer.  

HUGS is here to help anyone who has a need not met by another group.  Please call the church office or Beth Adams.

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