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David & Rosie Kross, Youth Directors


Summer Hours 

We meet in the summer on Sundays from 6 to 8. We will meet June 27, July 11, July 25, and August 1. We will not meet on June 20 (Father’s Day) or July 18 (the night before our summer trip).


Senior Graduation Recognition

  -David & Rosie Kross, Youth Directors



  We had a great senior Sunday! We are so proud of this group and can’t wait to see what God has planned for their lives! Congratulations!

  Bottom row right  to left:

Meredith Nichols,  Mary Bradford Jackson, Anna Kate Talley, Emily Ann Vought, Jamie Brown

Second row:

Grayson Vermeire, Hudson Hatfield, Jack Self

  Top row:

Banks Murphree, Sam Smith, William Penley, Charlie Taylor 



  Youth Mission Trip 

The youth summer trip is on!!!
ONE MAJOR CHANGE – we are now leaving Sunday, July 18 and returning Thursday, July 22. The YMCA had us down for these dates, there will be less traffic going there on Sunday, and Dollywood should not be as crowded on Thursday! SORRY FOR THE CHANGE!

Signed up to attend: (if this list is incorrect please text Rosie immediately at 256-508-4826)!
ADULTS: Rosie Kross, David Kross, Joe Sanders, Morgan Wall, Joey Woller, Ali Brown, Katelyn Riant, Carly Pritchard, Sydney Stone, Carter Gannaway


YOUTH: Chase Henderson, Charlie McCollum, Chandler McCollum, Lila Hicks, Ben S, Bess Botto, Virginia Pylant, William Penley, Sarah Kathryn Roberts, Emma Hensley McMasters, Caroline Coulter, Tygen Kross, Harris Penley, William Perry, Hudson Collins, Anna Kate Talley, Luke McKelvy, Vivi Blakely, Amelia Hicks, Emily Gregory, Leland Stone, Addie Lou Nails, Madelyn Tourney, Meredith Nichols, Mary Bibb Pylant, Jake Burnes, Garrison Sickles, Dolly Lively, Lucy Lively, Leah South, Gray Jackson, Anna Kate Stephenson, Reeves Waller, Hope Bouchillon, Mary Reese Murphree, Banks Murphree, Owen Murphree, Carrigan Collins, Courtlyn Collins, Savannah Sims, Grayson Vermiere, Ellis Dickman, Luke Bouchillon, Charlie Taylor, Merrill Taylor, Anna Stetler, Jack Sturges, Sam Smith, Ian Bouchillon, Ella Tourney, Cate McClendon


Here is what we know:
*We will leave July 18 (around 8:00 am) and return July 22 (around 9:00 pm).
*The cost as of now is $425 (this could decrease, based on what YMCA Asheville works out for us).
*The cost includes transportation, gas, 11 meals at the Y, activities at the Y, Dollywood, and some activities away from the Y.
*We are staying where we always stay
*We will go to Dollywood on Friday and then come home.
*The adults attending are Rosie Kross, David Kross, Joe Sanders, Joey Woller, Morgan Wall, Ali Brown, Carley Prichard, and Katelyn Riant.


Here is what we don’t know:
*Asheville and the YMCA we stay at are slower in opening than the rest of the country. The Y is calling our usual locations where we serve and trying to see who will allow us to serve. They are calling the Veterans Home, the soup kitchens, the woman’s shelter, and other places we usually serve. So we don’t yet know what our service projects will be.
*The Y had to cut over half of their staff and they have not restaffed. We may or may not be able to have a liason that sets up and assists with our service activities (this could decrease our cost).
*The Y had to cut over half of their staff and they have not restaffed. We may or may not be able to do the low ropes course or high ropes course (this could decrease our cost).
*We may or may not get to go to our annual Asheville Tourists baseball game – they are still social distancing in their stadium and seats are limited.

We do know that we will have an awesome week, plan as much service stuff as we can, and fill the holes with activities around Asheville and with bible studies!

Space is limited (due to the Y and transportation). Please text Rosie at 256-508-4826 to sign up and get on the list.




  Looking Ahead

Strong possibility of a senior high ski trip December 27-30 (for senior high that are members of Central Methodist or Central youth). This will be based on many factors (youth budget after mission trip, based on how many can attend, etc.). Many times cheerleaders, basketball players, and others are not able to attend.


The juniors and seniors are leading the children’s retreat again this year. Please reserve Monday, February 21 for a day retreat.

Fall Festival is Wednesday, October 27.







School Year

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