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Mission Trip 2022


When: June 12 – 16

Where: Asheville, NC; staying in dorm at the YMCA in Asheville;

What: Mission trip; serving the poor, homeless, and veterans in the Asheville area;

Cost: $425 – includes transportation, 14 meals, lodging, and MANY activities at the YMCA (climbing wall, ropes course, team building activities etc….)

DEPOSIT OF $100 to reserve your spot. We will do a big activity on the way home on Thursday (Dollywood, Ocoee, zip lines, etc.). We will let the youth decide what we will do (the seniors and juniors get to make the decision every year).


More information can be found at:


We will meet at the church on Sunday, June 12, at 7:30. We want to leave by 8:00!!!  We will NOT be stopping for breakfast; we will be stopping at a mall food court for lunch; bring snacks; we will drive to Asheville and eat dinner at the YMCA.


We are taking the 25 passenger bus, the 15 passenger bus, and some rental vans. 


Adults are David Kross, Rosie Kross, Russ Henshaw, Ali Brown, Joey Woller, Joe Sanders, Ella Sanders, Reagan Hardin, and others!


We will do many different activities in Asheville.

Sliding rock, waterfalls, sight-seeing, Asheville tourists minor league baseball game (can take snack money), games at the YMCA (capture the flag, tug of war, dodge ball, etc.)


We will return home on Thursday, June 16 around 10:00 pm.


Youth DO NOT need to bring sheets or sleeping bags. Our facilities have bedding for us. The facility does not have air conditioning.


The youth will need to bring:

*Reusable water bottle. Each youth needs a water bottle they can use throughout the week.

*Snacks for bus have to be able to be sealed. Drinks on bus have to have a screw top!

*Towels (one for pool and one for shower);


*Closed toed shoes (for carpentry jobs and ropes course);

*Work clothes – modest clothes; most of our service work this year will be working with the homeless, poor, and veterans; long pants may have to be worn at one of the facilities; some of the work groups will do light work (painting, building a porch, etc.); Each youth should bring one pair of pants (jeans, etc.);

*Bible; pens or pencils;

*Optional money for snacks at gas stations or vending machines at the YMCA; There is a Starbucks and ice cream at the YMCA;

*Suntan lotion, bug spray, and poison ivy cream!

*Bathing suit for sliding rock and water falls.

*Youth can bring small fans that can fit in a suitcase, accommodations do not have air conditioning;

*Any medication your child usually uses (Advil, Tylenol, etc.). They will keep this with them.

*Money for gas station stops, snacks, expensive lunch at Dollywood (or Ocoee, or zip line, etc.), and two mall food court meals (Sunday lunch on way there and Thursday dinner on way home).


Finances should not be a reason your child does not go! If you need financial assistance please let us know! If you can pay, but need to pay later, please let us know.


We need to have a copy of your current insurance card (you can give this to us the day that we leave, but please have a copy with you when you come to church on Sunday morning);


If you have any questions please email Rosie or call her at 256-508-4826.


God bless,


David and Rosie Kross

Congratulations to our 2022 Confirmands


Bottom row left to right Lila Hicks, Molly Mullican,

Anna Louise Greene, Samantha Weinman, Mary-Reed McMasters, Merrill Taylor. Top row left to right
Hudson Collins, Joseph Botto, Owen Murphree,

William Perry. Not pictured Emma Glenn Roby.



Pictures from Palm Sunday


Upcoming for Youth

May 22 is Senior Sunday.

We will be honoring the graduating seniors during the 10:30 service. We will be showing a video like we always do.



Youth Mission Trip 2021

Faith, Hope, Love, facts and feelings was the theme for this years youth mission trip. Facts form the foundation, faith rests on facts and feelings come last.
We had an amazing time in Ashville NC. We got to work with a women’s shelter, soup kitchens and an Animal Haven. We also had time for lots of games, a trip to the local Ashville Tourist baseball game and ended it with a day at Dollywood. The last night was dedicated to prayer for each other and recognizing our seniors. Thank you to our amazing volunteers:
Ali Brown, Joey Woller, Joe Sanders, Carter Gannaway, Ella Sanders, Carly Pritchard, Katelyn Riant, Morgan Wall and Sydney Stone.
We are so thankful to have such amazing spirit filled youth!!








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